Operations Directorate within the KP-HCC will be responsible for the overall Operations & Executive Management, Strategic Planning, Human Resources Management, Procurement/Supply Chain Management, Administration as well as Information Technology and Security. It will also manage regular Structures Reviews and Operations Excellence. The Key tasks of the directorate are:

  • Develop Operations policies and procedures, SOPs and interpretation of HR, Admin, Security and procurement Policies/Procedures
  • Prepare and develop Job Descriptions
  • Provide leadership for Human Resources strategic planning; workforce planning, Orientation, Induction and Staff Training/Capacity Building
  • Manage Procurement & Supply Chain Management
  • Manage Procurement & Contracting Processes, Suppliers Identification/Evaluation
  • Communication & Interpersonal Networking, Group Dynamics & Synergy
  • Manage Information Technology functions including maintenance and operations of proper Management Information Systems (MIS) for all areas of the commission including but not limited to licensing and registration, clinical governance, complaints and legal aspects
  • Fleet management as well as provision of all administrative support including premises management, building maintenance as well as Staff safety and security