Directorate of Quality

Clinical governance is a systematic approach to maintaining and improving the quality of patient care. Clinical governance is the key function of KP HCC to ensure provision of standardized quality healthcare services and solutions to patients and consumers by public and private healthcare entities without discrimination on the basis of gender, age, ethnicity and income level.

Clinical Governance Framework

Clinical governance is an umbrella term covering activities that help sustain and improve standards of patient care. It is usually described in terms of the six pillars, as given in the figure. These are education and Training, clinical audit, clinical effectiveness, research and development, openness, risk management, information management.

Minimum Service Delivery Standards (MSDS)

The Clinical Governance directorate of KP HCC is responsible for all the above mentioned thematic areas and has completed the adaptation of the following reference manual to the provincial context of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa:

  1. Hospitals
    • Upto 15 beds
    • 16 to 30 beds
    • 31 to 49 beds
    • 50 and more beds
  2. Basic Health Units
  3. General Practitioners/Family Physicians/Specialist Clinics
  4. Dental Clinics
  5. Clinical Laboratories and Collection Points
  6. Radiological/Imaging Diagnostic Centres
  7. Homeopathic Clinics
  8. Tibb Clinics