Licensing Process

KPHCC has a clearly defined and transparent process for licensing HCEs, which is initiated when an HCE owner, manager in-charge registers with the Commission.

  1. HCE owner must register with the KP Health Care commission.
  2. Submission of an application for a license along with the required documents and fees
  3. The KPHCC issue a Provisional License and required Minimum service delivery services (MSDS).
  4. HCE, s is invited nominees for training for proper implementation MSDS
  5. After HCEs have been given a reasonable amount of time to ensure implementation, a pre-assessment/ inspection will be conducted during which KPHCC investigators further assist HCE staff in identifying and resolving vulnerabilities in the MSDS implementation On completion of the time frame given to the HCE, s.
  6. A formal examination of HCE eligibility for regular licensing is the final step in the licensing process, where the HCE is deemed eligible after demonstrating the desired level of MSDS compliance.